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International Ballet Master & Coach for Excellence

Director, Principal Dancer, Choreographer

Cristina Uta is an internationally recognized ballet master known for her exceptional teaching and innovative approach. Her teaching experience includes working with prestigious ballet and contemporary dance companies, such as the Romanian National Ballet, Salzburg Ballet, TANZLIN.Z, and TANZ_KASSEL.


Cristina's teaching method, the "Composed Ballet Technique," has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional approach that integrates ballet techniques with principles of post-modern dance techniques, sports, and somatic practice. It is her emphasis on virtuosity that distinguishes her technique and has earned her high praise from dancers and instructors alike. By empowering dancers to expand their movement vocabulary and explore their creative potential, Cristina's method cultivates a deeper sense of artistry and individuality in their performances. Through this method, Cristina aims to help dancers unlock their full potential and achieve a more authentic and personal expression in their art.

Cristina's dedication to dance and her innovative teaching methods have earned her a reputation as a visionary in the field. She continues to inspire dancers and audiences alike with her passion, creativity, and dedication to her craft.



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The dancer who played Carmen did an excellent job. It was the Romanian Cristina Uta, the prima ballerina of Breuer's Salzburg Ballet Company. She did not leave the stage for two acts. What wild, complicated performance the choreographer entrusted her with!… Most amazingly, after the two performances I have watched, she still seemed whole and fresh. Her face showed no signs of tiredness.

— Maija Plissezkaja

Former Prima Ballerina of the Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow




Cristina Uta


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